Liability Waiver

 Below you can find individual waivers for cave access. All persons accessing a KKC cave MUST file a signed waiver with the KKC prior to going onto any property controlled by the conservancy. In accordance with KRS 433.883, a cave owner shall not be held liable for injuries sustained by any person using the cave for recreational or scientific purposes if no charge has been made.

Anyone leading a trip into Big Bat Cave or allowing access to Big Bat Cave is responsible for ensuring everyone entering the cave has signed a liability waiver BEFORE entering the cave.

Every non-member MUST sign a waiver before EVERY trip. The trip leader is responsible for making sure they have signed a waiver from everyone on the trip, or checking to make sure that the members on the trip have filed theirs with the KKC.

All members are required to sign a members waiver before entering Big Bat Cave. See the application for more info. 

non-member_trip_waiver (pdf)