Big Bat Cave

Big Bat Cave is 15+ surveyed miles with 4 known entrances, all which can flood and there is always a chance of getting lost.

Safety Warning!

The Natural, Ephemeral and Carmen Entrances are all on private land. The Mushroom entrance is a manmade entrance on KKC Property.

Big Bat Cave is a FLOOD CAVE. This means that all the entrances can and WILL flood during or AFTER a rainstorm. Due to the nature of this area, water flows downhill into this cave. It can take several HOURS or even DAYS for the water level in the cave to reach its maximum.
Do NOT enter the cave immediately after a rainstorm even if there is no water currently flowing into the cave!!! It has been witnessed that under clear blue skies the water level can rise several feet in the days after a rainstorm. Use extreme caution.
Do NOT enter the cave if there is an incoming storm or chance of thunderstorms. Flash flooding can occur. Water flows in the entrances and will impede any attempts to exit. Use extreme caution.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Call out instructions

Cavers: Provide your call out person this information AND share a link to this page for their reference

  • Provide a reasonable expectation of your estimated time out of the cave.
  • Which cave, which entrance and your destination in the cave. (GPS Point would be useful)
  • The number of people and who is going with you in the cave.
  • What car you are driving and where you are parking.
  • When you plan on getting out the cave.
  • Any plans if you are going somewhere after the cave.

Call out person: If your party is not out after the expected time out of the cave. Please Reach out to a local Caver or local authorities

Breckenridge County Cave Emergencies
First call Fire Chief Patrick Lucas (270) 668-3673
Then if needed call dispatch (270) 756-6266

Survey Team

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