Membership application
In order to become a member you have to fill out a membership application (see below) and pay your dues. We accept PayPal, Check, or Cash. If you would like to pay with check or cash please contact Ken Bailey for information on how to have your money processed In addition to making your payment you will have to fill out the following application and waiver and turn into Ken Bailey. Also, you must be a safe and preservation minded caver to obtain access. Any damage to the cave cause by you or your group will be pursued to the full extent of the law.

Membership Application

Ken Bailey

Annual Members

$15 – Annual Members are full members of the club and have the rights to join any classes or use our preserve. In order to get access to Big Bat Cave on their own they will need to demonstrate that they are a proficient caver and request a key from a lifetime member.

Single $15 payment :

Reoccurring annually $15: 

Subscription Members

$85 – Subscription Members (lifetime payment plan) are full members just like Annual Members. However, after 3 consecutive years of paying the payment plan dues they become Lifetime Members.
Please note that you must pay the entire 3 year Subscription in order to be a Lifetime Member. If you stop paying you will be treated as an Annual member who has paid for multiple Annual Memberships in advance.

Lifetime Members
$250 – Lifetime Members are members for life and have all the privileges of Annual Members plus some additional benefits. Lifetime Members are also key-holders for Big Bat Cave (after demonstrating they are safe cavers) and also have the right to pursue a position on the Board of Directors.